Thursday, November 30, 2006


Another insipid attempt at rhyme. Decided to try my hand at generating song-type lyrics. Not the stuff legends are made of, quite obviously.


As dawn breaks through the mist, a golden glow lights up the sky
A fresh-dew fragrance in the air, as earth and wind ally
The whole world seems just so right, a moment frozen in time
Fear and agony grip a man, the irony sublime…

A room on an attic dark-lit, the curtains drawn close to hide
A solitary ray breaks through a slit, falls on broken pride
Tormented he lies in a corner, the messianic red mask on his side
A hundred feet scurry on the wall, labyrinthine cobwebs preside
When Spiderman had Arachnophobia

Haunts him his greatest strength, shivers run through the spine
The boon turned to morbid bane, as years of pain combine
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, the predator dwells within
Poisoned is the mind and blood, every breath becomes a sin

When Spiderman had Arachnophobia

They will all know the savior strong, not the man inside
They will still wait for him to come, be not by his side

Yes, when Spiderman had Arachnophobia

Hopes and dreams will slowly fade away, to demons turn servile
Life itself will cease to be, graveyards of golden memories compile

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