Sunday, November 19, 2006

Back...after a while

Been gone for a while. Reasons to be explained in the not-too-distant future. What follows, can best be described as half baked. Its pretty amateur-ish in most parts, but then, something's better than nothing!

The meadows of bliss, the prairies of sunshine
The sweet smell of desires unfulfilled
Yearnings out of reach, hopelessly mine
In them, my Dreams life filled

Beyond the clutches of Wakefulness
Where the Earthy and the Ethereal reconcile
Life’s despairs into joy harness
The gentle might of Fantasy’s guile

With open arms, I embrace
The ecstasy of that surreal world beyond
Saviors all, have another face
To sanity loses sanity – that which I owned

Caresses that breathe lust into the Soul
Pierce like glacial rain
Every tryst pushes its addiction nigher ‘whole’
Into nothingness recedes the mind; just the embers remain

1 comment:

gnothi seauton said...

"Caresses that breathe lust into the Soul"
mmm...makes me wonder..

not bad, considering your self accepted lack of poetic genius..the theme that set the poem rolling some how got lost in the need for the right sounding rhyme...especially in the last paragraph..i thought it made the overall framework a little fractured..but nice choice of words ( pardoning the occasional desperate rhyme! ) keep plugging away boy!