Monday, August 28, 2006

An attempt at poetry, again.

Battered and bruised, O fallen knight
Gaping wounds and pain, thy life they tore
Embrace thou, the divine light
For thou can't fight no more

A tear, loved, shall drop
A pyre shall burn
The funeral, soon adjourn
The river hungry, shall carry thy forgotten urn
The war shall just go on

Evermore shall follow
The glory of gore set free
A day shall come, of judgement hollow
What will it matter to thee?


gnothi seauton said... goes...

when i am done reading the piece..i think it is well an intellectual level i sympathize with the theme..but that "think" an "intellectual" clap trap keeps me at a safe distance from feeling anything..make no mistake...its well written..but i can only look at it as cold beauty as this in any way doesnt touch me..

Kushal Chowdhury said...

Let me try and 'globe' my way out of this.

How about the knight being a symbol of humankind and the war, a symbolism for life.

ketki said...

good poen!
loved reading!

Pratik Dave said...

fandoo hai.
lagta hai u have become a soldier of IIM :)