Friday, December 07, 2007


Disclaimer: I don't know why I wrote this. Putting it up as a failed experiment. May perhaps do better with it sometime in the future

“‘Hey, there! Many happy returns of the day!”
“I said many happy returns of the day”
“Wht? Its not my bday today”
“I didn’t say so either!”
“Why is it necessary for it to be someone’s bday to wish her happy returns?”
“lol! This is a cheap way of starting a conv.”
“It is? At least, it has started the conversation. Simple Hi, there pings are rarely replied to these days”
“hehe! Wht to do? I get so many pings the moment I enter any chat room”
“I know. That’s why I try 2 b different!”
“So, what kind of an id is snowwhite_sweet16?”
“Its my chat id.”
“Yes, that much I gathered. That’s not your real name, I suppose”
“hehe, no!”
“What is it then?”
“My bf has asked me to not disclose my name on the internet”
“Ah. Can’t imagine how sharing ur name can do any harm”
“Well. superstud_ritz is not very informative either, Is it?”
“Haha, but I m a superstud!”
“really? hey listen, I gotta go now! Nice talking to u”
“Sure, bbye. Hey, by the way, are u online around this time often?”
“Yes. Mostly”
“Excellent. I am adding u to my friend list then. Will catch up with u soon!”
“K, bye”
“Yeah, bye. Cya later”

“Hi! We meet again!”
“Hey, hi! Whts up with u?”
“I m fine. How abt u ?”
“m really busy 2day. Lots of assignments to do”
“Ah. Wht assignments?”
“College term work. Gotta submit by tomm”
“I see. Where u studying?”
“San Jose univ. Doing my ms”
“hmm. I am in Mumbai. Work in a software firm here”
“Hey listen, I really gotta go. Work 2 do”
“Sure, bye. Cya later”

“Morning! We meet after a while!”
“Gud morning! How’s u?”
“fine. So, done with the assignments?”
“silly things, these assignments. I used to hate them when I was in college”
“u still haven’t told me ur name”
“I haven’t? tell me urs first. U haven’t told urs either”
“Oh! I am Ritesh. Now c’mon, tell me urs”
“Excellent. I had a friend in college by the same name. The name of the girl that is, not the college”
“lol. Common name, it is.”
“Yeah, pretty common. Don’t think u r in any danger of being traced online with a name like that. Must be millions of Poojas around”
“So, watched any movies lately?”
“No yaar, didn’t have time at all”
“Hmm. I managed to watch OSO yesterday. First day first show!”
“you did? How is it? I really want to watch that one!”
“pretty entertaining. If you keep ur brains away for a while”
“I’ll definitely watch it then. I love masala movies. And shahrukh”
“Oh dear! Another female shahrukh fan!”
“Why? Don’t u like him?”“I hate him”“Huh?”
“I think he is gay”
“Shut up!”
“No, seriously! I just can’t stand him”
“Why? What’s wrong with him?”
“I said I think he’s gay. I stick to it…hey listen, b’fast time now. I’ll catch up with u later”

“Hi! Sorry about the sudden exit yesterday.”
“that’s ok”
“I and my roommates have this ritual of having b’fast together on weekends. They were ready to go and screaming at me!”
“Hehe. Do u always get up this early in the morning?”
“Yeah, generally”
“Why? To chat with u of course!”
“Wht do u think?”
“I think its very nice of u”
“Of course it is. I m a nice guy!”
“that u r”
“so, how’s college?”
“we hv a break at the moment”
“Oh gr8! Lots of free time now, I guess”
“Yes, am busy shopping with my friends”
“And ur bf, I suppose”
“Who? Oh! No, I broke up with him a couple of weeks ago”
“Oh…wht happened. If u don’t mind me asking”
“its ok. I don’t know what happened. It’s a long story really”
“hmm. U can share it if u want. I got time :-)”
“I don’t feel like talking abt it yaar. Plz”
“no probs yaar, some other time then”
“u tell me, don’t u hv a gf?”
“no, not at the moment. Haven’t had one for sometime now”
“I m sure u’ll get one really soon”
“lets see. Point is, I m not sure I want a gf for now”
“why not?”“no reason, just don’t feel like being in a relationship. Feeling good alone”
“yeah, I know. I 2 get tht feeling sometimes…but it’ll pass”
“I hope it does!”
“I m sure it’ll”
“amen. So, wht else…wht u upto these days, other than shopping”
“nothing at all…just shopping!”
“oh yes, I forgot. U r a girl!”
“lol! Yes, girls can shop for entire days”
“and not buy anything”
“lol! Yes, that 2!”
“so, what have u been shopping for?”

“Hey, hi! What happened the other day, you just went offline”
“Hey there! Yeah, just got disconnect. Couldn’t connect back”
“Hmm. Anyways, how’s life? Still shopping?”
“hehe, no. College’s reopened”
“That’s bad. Gotta start studying all over again!”
“No, its not that bad actually. Was getting bored. Better to have classes”
“Yaar, tell me one thing. Do u know if .mpeg files can be converted into .mp4. I want to carry some vids on my cellphone”
“wait, I’ll check”
“yup, here goes. Am mailing u the installer. It should work fine”
“thanks a lot”
“my pleasure yaar…anything for a good friend, dear!”
“Oh, btw. I saw OSO the other day!”
“And how did u find it?”
“It was gr8! Am going to watch it again this weekend”
“wonderful, it is a pretty good movie, as I said”
“u say, how’s ur job?”
“its ok. Am trying 2 change jobs. Need to move on.”
“Why? Is this one not gud?”
“No, it’s a gud job. But, u know how it is, can’t be stuck with the same job for 2 long”
“well, I m sure u’ll get another job pretty soon!”
“Oh, I already have a few offers”
“oh, my boss isn’t allowing me 2 leave. Says he needs me. They’re offering me a higher pay”
“oho! U r in demand then!”
“haha, yeah. U know, I hv this team of 3 boys under me. They’ve just joined, I need to teach them how 2 talk and stuff”
“Talk? U were in a software company right?”
“Then, what talk?”
“Oh, I m in the customer care division. Didn’t like it in the coding division”
“Call center, u mean?”
“Not exactly, but something like that”
“Hey listen, I’ll be off now. Feeling really sleepy. Its 2 am here”
“Yeah ok. Gnite”
“how’s life, not been online for some days now?”
“yes, was a li’l busy”
“Hmm, college?”
“college’s good”
“hey tell me if u r busy, we’ll talk later”
“yeah, kind of…”
“ok then, later”

“good evening dear!”
“good morning ritesh! How’s u?”
“I m fine. Hey, sent u a mail the other day. U received it?”
“ur pic? Yes, seen it”
“oh gr8!”
“its nice”
“what? The pic or me?”
“lol! Both”
“where did u take the pic?”
“front of my flat. One of my roommates took it”
“why don’t u send me one of urs 2”
“well…I don’t think I have any good pics”
“that’s ok. U can send whatever u have”
“Ok. I’ll check if I have any and mail it”
“Sure, so then…how’s everything? Found a new bf yet?”
“Naah. Still waiting”
“same here”
“found a decent pic. Am mailing to u”
“gr8. I’ll check it”
“yeah, received it. It’s a nice pic. Who’s that in the pic with u? ur mom?”
“thanks. Yes, its mom, she was visiting me here from india a few months ago”
“and dad?”
“dad died when I was 9”
“oh, I m sorry”
“its ok”
“so, ur mom stays alone in india?”
“yes. She’s not getting a visa permit 2 b here”
“hmm, then u’ll come back after ur ms?”
“I don’t want 2. I want to stay here and get a green card. Then my mom can come here 2”
“hmm, but u know, old people don’t like it in the US so much…they get really bored after some time”
“I know, but its so much better here…I m sure she’ll be able to adjust”
“that it is. I m trying to get a US visa myself. But difficult to get work permits. Student visa is easier. I m thinking of appearing for gre or something”
“yes, try for gre. If u get a good score, u can get a visa pretty easily”
“yeah. Chal yaar, I m off now. Gotta do some shopping”
“Gr8. Buy something for me 2!”
“sure I will. But there’s a small problem”
“I don’t know ur size :-)”
“bbye, cya later”

“Hi there”
“hello! This is the first time u started the chat! I m pleased!”
“is it? I m sorry I didn’t do it sooner”
“thts ok”“so tell me, how’s ur job n all”
“job is good”
“u managed to find another place 2 work?”
“no yaar, my company doesn’t want 2 let me go”
“if u want 2 go, how can they stop u?”
“of course if I resign, then can’t stop me. But they keep telling me not to”
“but if u don’t like the job, why bother?”
“they r promising a better salary”
“I see”
“plus I m appearing for gre next sunday. If I get a good score, I can be in US by November”
“gr8. Good luck with ur gre”
“so, what else”
“not much, oh, I bought myself a webcam yesterday”
“do u have one?”
“yes I do”
“wonderful. How about using it? I’ll test mine 2!”
“I don’t have the software installed for it”
“damn, do it na”
“hehe, u r very persistent! I’ll do it today”
“yeah, then we can use it next time we meet”
“yes, we can”

“hi pooja!”
“hi ritesh!”
“how’s life…hey u got that webcam installed?”
“no yaar…was too busy yesterday”
“ok… u free now?”
“yes, more or less”
“then install it now dear”
“I’ll have to get the software from somebody. Will get it done tomm, 100%”
“how’s ur preparation for gre going on?”

“hey pooja, we meet again!”
“how’s college?”
“college’s good. No classes for the next 2 days!”
“gr8! Any plans”
“not yet. May visit my aunt in San Diego for a day”
“hmm…hey, what’s news of ur webcam?”
“oh yes, I managed to get it installed”
“but there seems to be some problem with it…It shows very dark images”
“maybe some problem with the resolution”
“we tried all that, doesn’t work”
“hmm, that’s ok”
“u really r keen on this webcam thing”
“yes, that is the final aim, isn’t it?”
“nothing, was just joking”
“chal then, take care, I’ll catch u later”

“hey ritesh, online after a long time? Where have u been?”

“hey! Sorry I wasn’t online when u pinged. And now u don’t seem to be online. I m fine…how about u?”

“hi, found u online this time!”
“hi! Received ur offline the other day. Forgot 2 reply :-(”
“no probs dear, its ok”
“so how’s life?”
“life’s ok”
“u had ur gre exams right? How did it go?”
“not very well. There was some problem with the comp I was on…kept getting stuck”
“oh bad luck. Didn’t u ask them to shift u to another comp?”
“I did. But then didn’t allow me to”
“that’s bad”
“It is”
“don’t worry yaar, I m sure u’ll do well next time”

“hello!”“hi, long time no see?”“yeah, was kind of busy with my job”“hmm, so how’s life?”“cool, enjoying myself”“great”

“hi, how’s life in the US?”

“hi, u there?”

“hi! Hey sorry ritesh, couldn’t reply to u the other day…was not on my comp”
“yeah, I figured”
“so, how’s life”“good, how abt u?”
“I m fine 2”

“what’s up ritesh? Not seen u around for a long time now, everything ok?”

“saw ur offline just now. Haven’t been logging on for the last week. Everything’s fine”

“good morning pooja, u there?”

“hey, u there?”

“what’s up?”

“hi there! Many many happy returns of the day!”

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