Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The In-Humankind

Through the un-paned window of my solitary, sunlight starved room, I looked out unto the sublime purity of a nature yet to be adulterated by the tell-tale symptoms of human intervention.
The warmth of the tired afternoon sun had all but melted away into the twilight. The unabashed green of the unmitigated foliage, rhythmically caressed by a gentle winter breeze, mingled surreptitiously with the fading orange shades of the darkening sky to create a surreal world of aging but radiantly intricate textures. The air reverberated with the cacophonic, melodious tweeter of winged life and the occasional tuneless and strangely melancholy sounds of other earth-bound fauna. Magic.
The sound of sudden flutter of wings and sight of movement, out of harmony of the moment, in the undergrowth close to the walls of my room, drew my attention to a pair of doves, indulged in playful foreplay. They chased each other around, making wild, unbridled noises and making complete fools of themselves. Every now and then, when one caught up with the other, they collided with one another, remained momentarily suspended in air, as if transfixed by the impact, and then submitted themselves to a glorious free-falling series of somersaults, before taking off again moments before they hit the ground – the ultimate manifestation of their supremacy over Gravitation. I smiled at the blissful innocence of it all.
And then, the eagle dived.
In one swift, razor sharp motion, it traced an elegant arc in the air as it descended noiselessly on the yet unsuspecting pair. With the clocklike and ruthless precision bred from untiring practice and knowledge of unquestionable superiority over its prey, it swooped down, picked up one of the doves in its unforgiving beak, and disappeared into the dusk. The other dove, flapped frantically for a split second, screeched in mortal fear and traced wildly haphazard contours in space before regaining its sense of direction and heading straight for home. Never once looking back…

Why then do we blame only the humankind?


goutam said...

lovly write up dear

gnothi seauton said...

i agree that the verbiage of the first part makes more sudden and dramatic the climax..was just wonderingif the same could have been done by keeping it simpler..or would it have diluted the effect? good read..keep updating!

Sapan Oza said...

Good one partner. The last line brings memories of O'Henry who is a master of twists. Here there is of-course no twist but the last line is impactful. Keep writing....!!!

apj said...

Damn good stuff man... of course the first half as rocky said is a unabashed display of ur angrezi.. .:)