Monday, September 18, 2006

Frustrated. And How!

One mundane evening, nothing much to do
Exams start the next day, I ain't got no clue
Goin to get the 'screw'
Feel just so helpless, races past the time
What the heck! I don't care, I'll sit and rhyme!
Oh shit! Can't find a word that ends the next line...
In no mood to keep trying
Reason be damned, I'll just write 'Slime'

Flash of inspiration! Slime reminds of crime
Crimes that we commit over a lifetime
We hurt hearts, a million eyes left cryin
Why do we do it then?
Oh, its so bloody satisfyin!

What am I doing here, with my demented mind?
My brain's worth as much as many a folk's hind
Logic's lost, can't nowehere I find
Fight till the end they say,Yeah! I'll survive the grind!

I sit here, blog inanity
Inside the clock, the hands keep whizzing by
Let me get down to some work and fast!
Or else, gotta kiss my grades goodbye!


gnothi seauton said...

no rhyme nor reason expected when you've got monsters waiting to sink their teeth into you for the whole of this week :) so more nonsense expected tomorrow! beat bansal at his own game!

Nothingman said...

dude you're a frood and your rhyme is sublime, and if you have the time then read the blog of mine and i'll come back to thine and comment from time to time.

ta da!