Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Tale of Epic Survival

There are times when you are inspired to write. On such occasions, the thoughts flow and the words flatter.

And there are times when you write for want of anything better to do. On such occasions, what flows is trash.
This is one such occasion.

Our preferences and un-preferences continue to evolve over the years. Every new experience adds, substracts and supplements to it. In my short stay at IIM hel(L), I've added a significant entity to my list of un-preferences. Organisational Behaviour.

The lectures on the subject are un-attendable and attendance is compulsary. The professor doesn't improve the situation one bit. Indeed, he actually contributes quite generously to making the lecture quite un-survivable. And therefore, one must find ways of sitting through the lecture with what apparently looks like rapt attention but is actually a farcical blank look of abject cynicism and supreme boredom.

This tried and tested facial expression and body posture failed me forty minutes into the lecture today. And to replace it with something acceptable, I started scribbling in my notebook. The result is this post.

Please forgive me for wasting so grossly your valuable time, for something as pathetic as this!

In the deepest recesses of the Human Mind
Brightness of the Hopeful Sun does Shine
Why do the shackles of the unseen then Bind?
T'was Us who cowered
And t'is Us who must rise against, The Combine

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Sapan Oza said...

Good one. Yes...there are many more subjects which would subject you to torture like the one on McMurphy in our own cuckoo's nest...!! The idea is to become a McMurphy rather than the chief or the others. Keep your chin up....OB is definitely better than the vagaries of adultery that you faced at ...you know where...!!!