Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who made God?

Was walking down the dawning morning street,
With my 3 yr old son, just learnt to speak
As he looked around with his hazel green eyes,
A 100 questions in his mind, buzzing like a 100 flies
And he pointed to the neighbouring highrise
Asked what it was, of that big a size
Told him, it was beautiful homes
With guys like him and their lovely moms
"Daddy, Who made them?"
I Said Made by men"
And who made men?"
"God, in heaven"
He looked at me curiously, shaking his head like a nod,
"But Dad, who made God?"

On a wintry evening, sitting at home
With the boy, and his darling mom
Watching news on TV, the fireplace keeping us warm
All the violence, all the gore
The ravings of madmen, so much terror!
A masked man on the screen, a gun on his shoulders
As a building behind, goes down in smoulders
Says we fight for religion, we fight for the holy lord
A tiny voice by my side whispers
"But Daddy, you never told me, who made God?"

The years pass by, one day I'm listening to some music alone,
My wife and my kid, for a ride they've gone
The phone rings outI pick up and listen
Tears in my eyes, my wet cheeks glisten
A car crash, they said
Both inside - dead
"Why?, why?" I ask,
Hear a voice in my head
"Daddy, who made God?"

Its the end of May
The sky so grey
Alone in a park
I Wait for the dark
With an old man beside me
Looks so happy, so carefreeI need someone to share
The first words out of my mouth, I hear
"Who made God?"

The man looks at me and smiles
SaysWe need a guiding light
To seperate the wrong from the right
The world is like a wild forest
We need someone to keep it honest
Need someone to pray to,
Innermost thoughts, someone to say to
Someone that all hold dear
Someone whom we all fear
Like the teacher in school, holding the iron rod
And that's why son,
We made God"

I walk away that evening
Life again, seems like worth living
The rain comes down in a blast
I don't care, I've answered my son at last
I remember him, my head breaks into that familiar nod
Softly I say,
"Son, now I know - Man made God"

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